3D Laser Scanning in the Petrochemical and Process Services Industry Eliminates Costly Fieldwork and Decreases Downtime.

Petrochemical 3D Laser Scanning

Using 3D imaging, SmartGeoMetrics helps you to capture, digitize and visualize your facility to increase as-is accuracy

Petrochemical and process services companies have always sought ways to visualize as-is conditions of their onshore and offshore facilities to eliminate costly fieldwork and decrease downtime during turnarounds or scheduled maintenance. Doing so increases profitability. 3D laser scanning is the most effective tool in achieving this.

Petrochemical plants and facilities, no matter their location, face unique challenges daily. Cost- and security-conscious engineers are always on the lookout for better methods to create spatially accurate plans of AS-IS conditions and fully intelligent AS-BUILT asset management tools to maintain a current and complete “picture” of the assets. Whether petrochemical companies plan to expand, need to recreate an on-site incident, or require precise dimensions for in-kind replacement, SmartGeoMetrics’ professional and knowledgeable subject-matter experts and field personnel provide innovative 3D laser scanning solutions to tackle any challenge.

Understand the Details of Your Petrochemical and Process Services Company

3D laser scanning benefits all aspects of petrochemical and process services companies. Through the collection of high-density spatial and geometric data, end deliverables like piping and instrumental diagrams (P&IDs), isometric drawings and 3D models.

SmartGeoMetrics provides reliable, working deliverables for numerous types of petrochemical and process services facilities:

  • Refineries
  • Pipelines
  • Onshore/offshore

Each of these is crucial to the industry; and each one comes with its own challenges and needs. SmartGeoMetrics finds the right combination of tools, software and personnel for every job. Company personnel have expert knowledge of the petrochemical industry and backgrounds and experience in diverse industries.

Need more info about how SmartGeoMetrics’ petrochemical and process services division? Visit our petrochemical/industrial 3D imaging and survey page to learn more about how 3D laser can help with assets management and facility maintenance and turnarounds. You can also speak to a SmartGeoMetrics representative via phone at 1.866.940.1397 or through email at info@smartgeometrics.com.

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