Construction: 3D Laser Scanning Provides Fast, Accurate Solutions

Architecture Improve Design Accuracy and Client Value with 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning provides highly accurate as-is conditions of your project site; the data can be used to create models, drawings, and effective visuals

Large, multifunctional environments require the same amount of precise planning and design as small interior environments. Materials engineers, interior designers and project leads know they can’t sacrifice quality for speed and budget – but timeliness and accuracy are high priorities in any project.

By using 3D laser scanning services from SmartGeoMetrics means not only can you master the most challenging construction projects, but you can deliver value to your clients and see profits.

Convert 3D As-Is Conditions Into 2D Plans

Capturing accurate as-is conditions of a construction site and converting that data into useable 2D plans/drawings is something SmartGeoMetrics can do. Through the use of 3D laser scanning, SmartGeoMetrics is capable of collecting very dense three-dimensional (3D) data in considerably less time resulting in significant cost savings.

Knowing a site’s exact dimensions for correct roof, floor or MEP plans is easier when data is collected by our indoor mobile mapping scanner, the Viametris iMMS. Projects that require precise measurements and fast turnaround may be best done with a ProScan G-Series portable kinematic laser scanning platform. Both these systems are fast and accurate, and SmartGeoMetrics is currently the only company in the United States using them.

Build a better site! Speak to a SmartGeoMetrics representative via phone at 1.866.940.1397 or contact us via email at You can also learn more about our previous projects and how our laser scanning deliverables like MEP plans and BIM on our Architectural/Historical Preservation Imaging and Surveying page.

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