Architecture: Improve Design Accuracy and Client Value with 3D Laser Scanning

Architecture Improve Design Accuracy and Client Value with 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser imaging is the tool to improve the accuracy of your design work and add value to your client’s projects

Whether you’re an architect, CAD designer, REVIT user, surveyor or interior designer, your architecture project can benefit from 3D laser scanning. You need accurate visualization of a project-site as it is, and traditional data collection techniques and modeling software aren’t going to cut it anymore to produce a beneficial end product. Partnering with SmartGeoMetrics is the most cost-effective way to complete your project quickly, accurately and within budget. This allows you to offer greater value to your clients, leading to greater profitability.

2D Line Drawings, 3D Diagrams and CAD Modeling

Our innovative 3D laser scanning technology is able to document all existing spaces – no matter how small or complex. From mapping intimate, indoor settings to the most open outdoor spaces and urban environments, our laser scanners can do the job.

SmartGeoMetrics isn’t just a laser scanning company. Architecture projects can also take advantage of our document production and modeling services. We take collected, high-density 3D data and help you plan your sites and bring your design concepts to fruition. We are experts in creating high-quality, usable CAD architecture drawings and 3D models because we use the latest technology to handle your most challenging projects.

The projects we take on span the world, and we are experienced in 3D scanning all types of environments. When it comes to mapping indoor and outdoor spaces for AEC, we are the best.

Ready for faster turnarounds? Speak to a SmartGeoMetrics representative via phone at 1.866.940.1397 or contact us via email at You can also learn more about our previous projects and how we can deliver you ready-to-use, “as-is” CAD architectural drawings and other laser scanning deliverables on our Architectural/Historical Preservation Imaging and Surveying page.

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