Viametris iMMS

Viametris iMMS
Viametris iMMS

The Viametris iMMS is a new system optimized for indoor mapping. When speed and photographic information are a must have, There simply is no quicker way to accurately map the interior of a building. The iMMS is a compact, easy to operate and fully self contained system which generates pre-registered spatial and RGB data almost in real-time.

Indoor Mobile Mapping with Viametris iMMS

Viametris iMMS

LiDAR & 360 Camera for Photorealistic Point Clouds!

2D Map Calculated in Real-Time!

1 cm Global Accuracy

3 cm Point Accuracy

Scanning is quick and easy

Specifically designed for indoor applications

Two, high density, compact LiDAR sensors with an open range of up to 30 meters

Integrated panoramic camera for 360 photography capture & RGB colored point clouds

Includes Post Processing Software Suite (PPiMMS)

Self-contained system that is small and light enough to be checked as baggage with major airlines

SmartGeoMetrics (SGM) is the US Distributor for the Viametris iMMS (Indoor Mobile Mapping System). The iMMS is the perfect system for quickly collecting dimensional and photographic information in interior and close quarter environments. This revolutionary system combines three LiDAR sensors with a 360° panoramic camera to provide photorealistic point cloud data in a mobile platform. The iMMS is now available in the United States through SmartGeoMetrics for purchase or upon a rental or service basis.

Mobile mapping has clear advantages over traditional static systems due to the decreased field collection times. High costs due to the necessities of accurate localization has traditionally been the stumbling block of mobile mapping. However, Viametris has overcome this issue with their specific LiDAR-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technologies. By using SLAM for real-time mapping of the environment and geometric similarities in the environment to further enhance the accuracy during post processing, the iMMS is able to operate without GNSS/GPS receivers or an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). These facts are reflected in the iMMS’ ability to excel at mapping indoors and in its low retail price compared to traditional mobile mapping systems.

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