3D Modeling Services

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Point Cloud Analysis

3D Modeling and presentation services include solid and surface modeling from point cloud information, 2D to 3D conversions, animations, load path analysis and petrochemical and process plant FIM and piping. In most projects, 3D imaging is just the beginning. Accurate, cost-effective 3D modeling is necessary to get the data into the hands of the end user. Understand what a t-spline surface model is? We do, and we can help apply this expertise to your project.

Reverse Engineering

Just listing the many aspects and concepts of 3D modeling can be a daunting task. Level of detail, BIM/FIM intelligence, area of interest, surface type and other confusing factors can drastically increase the cost of any 3D model. Not properly scoping the modeling portion of a 3D imaging project is the most common factor causing budget overruns or lost bids. Laser scanning and other new imaging technologies can produce immense amounts of raw data in a very short period of time. SGM can help with peak shaving, near and off-shoring large projects, model intelligence and conversions, bid preparation, presentations and animations.

Petrochemical and Process Services

SmartGeoMetrics’ Petrochemical and Process Services division also provides specialized plant and piping modeling and related services through to complete asset visualization including 2D isometric drawings and bill of material lists. Plant FIM (facility information modeling) is one of our specialties. We understand the unique requirements of the oil & gas and other process based industries and can help you wade through to the right conclusion.

Don’t let your staff drown in 3D data. We can help rescue a project and provide cost effective solutions for your team. We have modeled items from individual teeth to entire process facilities. Call us today, we can help.

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